Thursday, February 26, 2015

"The Alternation of Night and Day" now available in paperback and Kindle!

At long last, Jeffrey Scott Holland's The Alternation of Night and Day has been released in both paperback and Kindle ebook formats! Originally announced in November 2013, the novel had originally been intended to follow closely on the heels of The Bartender and The Seventeenth Island but became a casualty to the yearlong lull during which the author moved to Florida and became distracted by warm weather and Wicked Weasels.

The story, set in 1936, concerns Louisville welterweight boxing champion Daniel O'Corbin, who in a short span of time is confronted with personal and professional woes: his erratic girlfriend walks out on him, and his boxing manager pressures him to throw a fight and ruin his perfect unbroken string of wins. Some unexpected visitors try to convince him that perhaps a trip to New Orleans to visit a voodoo priest might solve all his problems.