Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"Flinging Soup in the Face of Darkness" now released as limited-edition paperback!

The second RV & OI novella from Jeffrey Scott Holland, Flinging Soup in the Face of Darkness, has arrived!

The story concerns the tiny adventures of a pair of eccentric street buskers calling themselves "Retrovirus" (RV) and "Opportunistic Infection" (OI) and has the added virtue of being based on a true story. (You can read about the real-life RV & OI and their homemade tape and indie comic book empire here.)

Unlike standard JSH Book Club selections, Flinging Soup in the Face of Darkness will not be available through Amazon and will be released in print format only, each copy handmade with rather primitive and lowbrow production values. Each book will be a unique art-object unto itself, held together with string, glue, gum, tape, and who knows what else. Each and every copy is signed and numbered by the author.

Flinging Soup in the Face of Darkness is approximately 50 pages long and costs a mere $9.99 postpaid. Order copies directly from the JSH Book Club at our mailing address. The four volumes will be eventually collected into one greater compendium, so these individual editions are strictly limited!

The RV & OI books aren't for everyone. In fact, we're not entirely sure who, if anyone, they're for at all. But fear not: more traditional JSH fare is on the way. The Invisible Ranch (a weird western), The Tract of Blood (the sequel to The Moleskin Checklist), Transmissions from Agent J (a collection of texts that skirt the line between dream-journal and autobiography), and Matilda Heron (a dark historical romance) are all coming in the future!

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