Sunday, December 28, 2014

"Toulouse-inations" Released!

Toulouse-inations is now available in paperback (174 pages), as well as a Kindle ebook edition!

The paperback retails for 12.99 but is currently discounted by Amazon to a mere 11.69. The Kindle version is being offered, as with previous JSH Book Club releases, at a ridiculously low introductory price of 99 cents (it will be 5.99 after the offer expires.)

Based on the 2008 stage play, Toulouse-inations conjures up a fanciful historical revision of Paris' declining fin de siecle days of the 1880s - as seen through the absinthe-drenched visions of painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

A number of lovely women and peculiar characters weave their way through the woof and warp of Henri's struggling art career. That career is imperiled continously by his bohemian lifestyle and alcoholism, which threatens his health and his sanity as his hallucinations increase in severity.

Included as a bonus: the original theatrical play script, along with notes on the production.

Purchase it here.

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