Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hundred Dollar Word Hoard

The JSH Book Club is now a genuine book club! Send $100.00 and you'll receive, each month for a year, a different slab of slop from the swamp! If you already own some of these fine deathless works of intergalactic literature, just let us know and we'll be sure to omit them from your schedule of twelve volumes. If you already own it all, you'll get each new book as it is released (just know our schedule sometimes moves in geologic time.)

This offer only applies to the print editions of the books at the present time, but members will receive bonus surprises, including advance ebook editions of new impending titles. Since the average JSH paperback retails for around $12.99, the book club membership therefore offers you an amazing savings of.... um... of... well, whatever, you do the math. But it's worth it. And when Wakeling & Harbour eventually unveil the line of hardcover editions (someday... probably...), you'll have the option of switching over to those if you prefer - which will be an even greater deal!

Send check or money order to our snail-mail address, or Paypal us at! This offer is only for U.S. mailing addresses!

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